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Monday, December 3, 2012

An New Year, a New Covanent (maybe)

The Christian calendar starts just a little bit earlier than the rest of the world. With the coming of the New Year I have been mulling over some thoughts lately. This is nothing new for me but it is one that does require a substantive amount of brain power, which is ironic because I should be using said brain power for my papers and exams. Figures! I have been contemplating my ecological footprint on this earth and trying to think of ways that I might be able to help diminish it a little. I recently became friends with a lady who is an avid vegan. She is very active and certainly broke many of the stereotypes I held of the vegan culture. I spent quite some time interrogating her as to her daily diet, the pros and cons, and her ethical reasons for choosing this lifestyle. I recently read an article that discussed the links between hormone supplements given to animals for slaughtering and the increased risks of cancer. I have also been doing some research into clothing stores that sell ethical clothing. I was both surprised and disheartened. Many of my beloved stores either sold ethically made clothing that costed an arm and a leg, or simply did not. With all these thoughts in my mind, I have been thinking about committing to a year of eating and living as ethically as possible. I know that there are very mixed options on this and I am quite aware that there are certain things that I am simply not able to do. This is not a cop-out but a recognition that I can only do my best; up until this point, I don't think I can say that. Here is what I am proposing to commit: 1) Eat a primarily vegetarian/vegan diet which would include local foods when available. 2) Only purchase fair trade products where available 3) Only purchase ethically made/second-hand 4) Make an intentional effort to travel as ethically as possible So, I am writing this for two reasons. One, to encourage myself to really commit to this and two, to hear your feedback on this. What have been your experiences? I would really like to hear what you have to say.


  1. I would offer you lots of encouragement on the vegan/vegetarian front. I simply didn't cook for the first eight years I lived on my own (and I still managed to be vegetarian), but as of last year I really started cooking. One step at a time and it is much easier (and cheaper) than I had feared. Last year for Easter I made a bunch of my Ukrainian Catholic friends who are vegan for Lent a cookbook of easy, cheap and healthy recipes (complete with hilarious cartoons). I would be happy to give you a copy if you think it would be encouraging or helpful. I also try to live as ethically as possible and sometimes it can be really challenging on a budget or in situations where things are beyond your control (like my landlords not recycling at all). I don't have any particular wisdom or encouragement other than just do your best and make sure your frustration doesn't turn into condemnation of yourself or others.


  2. Hi Caitlin,

    I would really like to have a copy of your cookbook. That would be wonderful. Thanks for the encouragement. To be honest, it has been a tumultuous first week on a new diet but I am looking forward to better times.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I know the difficulties of shopping ethically on a budget. I think that I will have to start using my sewing machine more often.